What do we use your data for?

1. in the context of our commercial activities

We use your data in the context of our commercial activities to provide our clients with products and services that enable them:

  • to comply with the obligation under Article 5(1)(d) of the GDPR to ensure the accuracy of the personal data used and to update them if necessary, and/or to provide services to their clients to comply with this obligation and/or
  • to confirm or validate their data, or that of their clients, and to improve the quality of such data, in particular by updating (in the case of delivery of your new address after moving), formatting, normalization, minor correction (numbers or spelling), and/or internal linking (“matching”) and/or
  • to verify or validate, on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients, the identity of persons for the purposes of, inter alia, combating money laundering, national security, crime prevention and detection, fraud prevention, debt/asset recovery, asset reunification and/or carrying out pre-employment screenings.

The following are some examples of products/services we can provide to our clients :

  1. Our clients can ask us to verify that the data they have in their file is also in our file. In this way they can verify whether their data is up to date and correct. In this case we do not transfer your data to them, but merely indicate whether the data verified corresponds to our information or not.
  2. Our clients can ask us to check and improve the format of the addresses included in their file. This is done by correcting, for example, a zip code that does not correspond to the street indicated or by correcting the spelling of a street name.
  3. Our clients can ask us to check and, where necessary, correct the accuracy of the data in their files relating to first names, surnames and dates of birth. We check the spelling of surnames and first names and the accuracy of dates of birth and make minor numerical or material corrections when we identify inaccuracies.
  4. Our clients may ask us to “match” the data present in their files to link them to one and the same person (and in the case of conflicting data, to keep the most likely). In this case, we may use our data to perform this linking/internal matching. For example, if we have in our file the data “Mrs Sofie Vandenbos, Bosstraat in 1000 Groenbos, tel:, sofie@skynet.be” and find in the customer’s file, on the one hand, “Mrs Vandenbos” and her postal address and, on the other hand, sofie.vandenbos@skynet.be and the telephone number, we will point out to the customer that this is the same person.
  5. Our clients may ask us to update the mailing addresses in their files. In this case we will provide our clients with the new addresses of the persons on their files who have moved in the meantime, if we have the new address.

2. other uses

We may also process your data for the following purposes:

  • To comply with the requirements of Article 5(1)(d) of the GDPR, which requires us to ensure the accuracy of the data in our files (in this case, our consumer file) and to update them as necessary.
  • To fight against fraud, crimes and infringements;
  • To handle disputes and judicial or administrative proceedings and defend our rights and interests in such disputes and proceedings;
  • To respond to requests, investigations and inspections by authorized authorities (such as police, administrative, judicial and/or regulatory authorities);
  • To evaluate our performance (e.g. through market studies);
  • To compile statistics and market analysis for financial, management, marketing or reporting purposes (intra group or external);
  • To cooperate with other members of the Black Tiger Group to ensure the smooth operation of the group and to fulfil our obligations to other companies in the group;
  • In general, to comply with our legal, administrative and regulatory obligations.