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About Spectron,
the enterprise file of Black Tiger Belgium

Black Tiger Belgium

collects business data indirectly through agreements with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and the Belgian National Bank, as well as with commercial enterprises that provide Black Tiger Belgium with some of the personal business data in their files.




Black Tiger Belgium also collects certain data from enterprises by telephone. These data can also be supplemented with a certain amount of statistical information, often available in open data and related to the number of workers employed in each region, the size of the enterprises, etc.

All this data forms our enterprise file, which is marketed to our clients.

As from 1/12/2021 all Black Tiger Belgium’s business to business activities have been transferred to Trends Business Information (Roularta Media Group). As your personal data might have been used by Black Tiger Belgium in the period before the transfer, the information on what data we collected, how and why the data is used and how you can exercise your rights is temporarily still available here.

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What kind of data do we have about you?

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