What do we use your data for?

1. Data delivery

In the context of our Data Delivery activities we use your personal data for prospecting and direct marketing purposes, to enrich the databases provided by our clients, to create marketing profiles and/or to carry out market research.

Example 1: we will select all companies with a registered office in municipality X, on demand of the office supplies shop established in the same municipality and which wishes to send its new catalogue.

Example 2: We will select self-employed people for an energy supplier who wants to offer them services tailored to their situation.

Example 3: If the enterprise has your company name and postal address, we can give them your telephone number and job title, if this information is available in our database. We can also provide them with marketing profile data.

Example 4: We’ve already talked about the marketing profiles we build. We can also analyse our customers’ data by means of profiles. This allows customers to know better the type of people or enterprises interested in their products. For example, based on the size of your enterprise and the date of its foundation, we could determine that your company is a start-up that can be offered interesting telephone subscriptions.

After analyzing the client’s data, we can also suggest that they select enterprises with the same profile from our database. For example, if our client only sells its services to very large enterprises located in Brussels, we can propose other prospecting addresses with the same profile.

Our clients can forward this selection to social networks or any other media of their choice to check whether they find the selected enterprises in their own databases and, on the basis of the result, display their advertisement also on the web page of these enterprises.

Finally, your data may also be used for mass data analysis, always for the purpose of marketing or market research.

2. Data quality

In the context of our Data Quality activities, we use data to confirm or validate the data provided by our clients and/or to improve the quality of this data by means of formatting, standardization, correction (encryption or spelling), and/or internal linking (‘matching’) of this data.


Example 1: Enterprises ask us to check whether the data they have in their databases are also present in our file. This allows them to check whether their addresses are up to date or correct. In this case, we do not actually send them your data, we simply indicate whether the data being examined is the same as ours or not.

Example 2: We can correct a postcode that does not correspond to the street indicated, we can also communicate a move or correct the spelling of a name.

Example 3: Sometimes a client has several pieces of data about you but has not linked them together, for example because they were not all collected at the same time. In this case, we can use our data to do this matching. For example, we may determine from your name, date of birth and/or address that you have a job or mandate in several different companies. We may therefore be able to establish links between these companies or with other directors or officers of these companies.

3. Internal use

We may also process your data for internal company purposes such as

  • We use your data to update our Spectron file, as required by article 5.1d) of the GDPR. For example, if we become aware, through one of our sources, that your company has moved, we will update the company’s data, as well as that of all the people listed in our database as working there.
  • To monitor our performance (via market research for example)
  • To gather statistical data and perform (or have performed)) market analyses, for financial, management, marketing or reporting purposes
  • To combat possible fraud, crime and infringement and to manage possible disputes and legal proceedings



4. Data analysis

We can analyze our customers’ data using the profiles we use ourselves. This allows customers to better know the type of consumers or companies interested in their products. For example, we could determine, based on the size and creation date of your company, that your business is a start up and that you might need interesting mobile phone subscriptions for example.

After analyzing the data of client, we can also suggest him to select people from our database with the same profile. For example, if our client proposes his services only to very large companies based in Brussels, we can suggest him prospection addresses, corresponding to similar profiles.

We can also give this selection to social networks or other media. They then check if they find you in their own database and display the same advertising action on your page.

Finally, your data can also be used in the context of analyzes on mass data, always for the purpose of marketing or market research.

5. Internal use

We can also process your data for internal use. For example:

  • We use your data to update our Consu-Matrix file. If one of our data partners informs us that you have moved, we update your data, as well as those of other members of your family, present in our file
  • To monitor our performances (via market studies for example)
  • To gather statistical data and establish market analysis for financial, management, marketing or reporting purposes)
  • To prevent frauds, offenses and infringements and to ensure the management of any disputes and legal proceedings

Black Tiger Belgium offers its clients and prospects all the services mentioned above. If necessary, we may also use intermediaries to market these services.